My name is Thomas and I was born 1959 and grow up in a village called Njurunda.
And I grown up with one Shetlands Sheepdog, so the dog interest it is there in the background.

In many years, the biggest interest was cars, but when the wife came into the picture it became dogs for (almost) the all time.
On later years, the interest for football and hockey has been increased, because our son has been playing both sports. But now he only plays football.

I think it is funniest with field - and tracking training and tests. But since my wife thinks that my dog also requires more obedience training she chases me whit it.

I have been active in Swedish retriever club, the Sundsvall's section as an instructor and retriever responsible in the board, has also sat as cashier in Swedish retriever club/VN the department. I also had the honour to set up some field tests a few times.


My name is Karin and I was born 1965 and grow up in a village called Sörberge (Timrå).
So long as I can remember the animals have always been the biggest interest. Fishes, birds and cats were my animals, I also spend almost every spear time I had in the stable with the horses.

The dog interest has been there in all the time. But the true big dog interest came when it moved in some neighbours that had breeding of golden retrievers, kennel Zorwinns. After that I been there multiple hours with their dogs, mother and father thought I was ready for an own dog. But I wanted to have a dog with little more speed and black, so it did not became any golden. When I searched in a dog book I finally found the flat and fell for it the same second as I saw it. I wanted a dog like that and so it became a flat for me.

I think all type's dog training is fun. But funniest is field training. I have been breeding councils in the Swedish Flat coated retriever club, and hold courses within Swedish retriever club. I also was active within Swedish retriever club/VN in the department as a board member.


My name is Fredrik and I was born 1990.
Goes on the upper secondary school now and reads technology.
My biggest interests are computers and sport.
I am at my computer most of the time or on football trainings, I am a goalkeeper in IFK Timrå.
I am not so much with our dogs, because I don't really got time for it. But each day when I come home from the school I take our dogs out on a little walk.
When my mom and dad are on competitions I watch the dogs that are home for them.